tolet papir u rolni papirni program

Toilet paper roll

The roll paper program of our company offers a wide range of roll paper towels, industrial paper towels and toilet paper, all made from the highest quality materials, with the use of modern technologies of manufacturing paper products.
The roll paper program is compatible with our offer of dispensaries and other accessories.

Product characteristics

Name Weight Layering Diameter Width Lenght Sleeve Tr. packing
Toilet paper roll 60g. 3 layers / 9.5 cm 13,5 m 4,5 cm Nylon 40 pcs.
Toilet paper roll 80g. 3 layers / 9.5 cm 18 m 3 cm Nylon 40 pcs.
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About the manufacturer

Godina d.o.o. company was established in 1996 and since then since then it has grown from a small family business to a significant regional producer and distributor of a paper towel program and following equipment . The company operates its business in two locations.